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Carnia Greeters welcome you!

Carnia Greeters welcome you!


We are a group of local volunteers who love their land. We move outside the traditional tourist circuits and for this reason we wish to accommodate travelers in an authentic way, making your visit a unique experience. We are enthusiastic of our valleys and we like to know that there are so many new friends ready to discover our area. 

For this reason we started Carnia Greeters, a non-profit project to promote the true side of our beautiful Carnia. Whether you're a greeter or a visitor, supporting this initiative will contribute to making sure that people can share stories, places and smiles. We will bring you in our places of the heart and we will make you live the emotions that they can give. Contact us, we will arrange for you to live a moment that will become a difficult memory to be forgotten.





NB: we are not tour guides and we work for free

Our Greeters
 AnnalisaHi, I'm Annalisa. I was born and raised in a magical land called Carnia, In the last village of Val Tagliamento Furnaces above, in the...(view the full profile)  AlessiaMy name is Alessia. I have not always lived in Carnia, I chose to live in Preone, my grandparents' village, where I spent every possible moment of...(view the full profile)  AndreaHi, I’m Andrea and I live in Cercivento, a small village in the heart of Carnia. Carnia is a still authentic place, far away from mass tourism: in...(view the full profile)  Bruno M.Hello, I’m Bruno, I live in Carnia since 70 years and I’m impassioned in mountains. I know the Carnia’s valleys and I’m helpful and pleased to...(view the full profile)  Bruno T.I'm Bruno dressed in Tolmezzo. My family and family are still in Paularo City. What Greeter do I want to know about the particular places that are...(view the full profile)  CandidaHello, my name is Candida, Carnia Greeters President. I joint this project because I think Carnia is paradise and I'd like to spread the world....(view the full profile)  Daniela & CristinaWe are Daniela and Cristina, “DOC” carnic people and we live in Piano d’Arta. We do a lot of activities together in our land: with children,...(view the full profile)  ErmesHi, I'm Ermes, I was born in Paularo 64 years ago where I've been living since. I have the passion for the mountain and I like to pick herbs and...(view the full profile)  GinoHi, I’m Gino and I live in Carnia. I’m Carnia’s historic and natural beauty enthusiast. I like to meet new friends and share my experiences and my...(view the full profile)  FidesHi. I'm Fides, I'm from a small village in Incarojo Valley. I adore my land; culture, history and tales, landscapes, hidden and well-known...(view the full profile)  LeandroHello, I’m Leandro. I live in Arta Terme and mountains are my passion. I’m pleased to meet new friends, share my knowledge and get to know and...(view the full profile)  OmarHello, I’m Omar; I live in Enemonzo, I’m 42 years old and Carnia, with its unique sights and mountains, is my passion. I’m available to get to...(view the full profile)  PaoloMy name is Paolo and I live in Ovaro, in the Degano’s Valley. I like meet new persons who come from different reality for exchange opinions and...(view the full profile)  TeresaHi, I’m Teresa. I live in Pesariis, near Prato Carnico: important village for its characteristic productions of clocks. There are a lot of...(view the full profile)
Do you like our projects? Support us!

Carnia Greeters relies exclusively on voluntary work. Individual Greeters are available for pure passion and the whole project lies outside commercial interests.


Moving beyond the traditional tourist routes we offer to travelers that pass and will pass on our beautiful land unique experiences. To make the most of our purpose we need all possible support; if you find this project interesting and useful, you can help us and support us with a small donation, even symbolic.


Thank you very much!