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Daniela & Cristina

We are Daniela and Cristina, “DOC” carnic people and we live in Piano d’Arta. We do a lot of activities together in our land: with children, artistic recycling of natural materials and not only, felt, reading of our stories, soap makers, herbs, watercolor, travels. We also work in our B&Bs knowing many people, and, always together, we propose us in this greeters experience.

Anello da Suart

Ring from Suart passing through the Cabia town and returning for the World Tour. Starting from the village of Piano d'Arta, the path winds on a path surrounded by a beech, and arrives at Suart's saddle to Cabia. From now on, the trail is almost sunny with interesting views of Mount Sernio and the backbone of Crete of Palasecca. When they arrived at Cabia, they went straight to Cjagnon, and then walked back to the trail.

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The lake of Volaia

The lake of Volaia is a splendid alpine lake dipped in an untouched mountain landscape of extraordinary beauty. At the opposite sides of the lake there are two mountain refuges: the Austrian and the Italian one.

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Fairy tales and legends of Carnia

At Piano d’Arta, in Arta Terme, we meet to hear fairy tales, stories and local legends. The B&B has a typical-local architecture; there are some architectonic elements that characterized the housing complex, such as XVI century’s arches and vaults, well preserved and typical of the local architecture.

59-S.Nicolò di Alzeri 61-S.Nicolò di Alzeri-gli scavi 62-Chiusini-chiesetta S. Spirito o dei Re Magi -Piano d'Arta  e Chiusini da S.Pietro cris 02 cris 03 cris 04