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Hi, I’m Andrea and I live in Cercivento, a small village in the heart of Carnia. Carnia is a still authentic place, far away from mass tourism: in the village where I live you can still feel the atmosphere of the past, made of simplicity and genuine human relationships. My proposal is to discover Cercivento through the eyes of one of its inhabitants, to seize even better all its essence and become for one day citizens of a mountain village.

An open sky Bible

In Cercivento mosaics, murals, frescoes on the walls of public and private homes, in the streets and squares, to transform a small mountain country: " A Bible Open Air ." Sacred Scripture, in Italian and Friulian language, becomes cultural journey and spiritual reflection, available to tourists and all those who want to discover its beauty 

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Discovering Ramazzaso

Longobard origin, already mentioned in a document of 762, located about 800 meters s.l.m. The resort is only accessible by foot along an ancient Roman origin path that winds along a pristine nature of the forest trees ( fir and beech ) and rivulets of mountain water, that provide a nice soundtrack to ' surrounding environment.  After an hour and a half to walk the forest will open before your eyes revealing in addition to residential buildings, a small chapel with an altar and a wooden statue dating to the mid-800. Everything has been recently renovated, whilst retaining the original features of the rooms. For those who want a different holiday surrounded by nature and the sound of silence Ramaçâs it is definitely the site ideal

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