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My name is Alessia. I have not always lived in Carnia, I chose to live in Preone, my grandparents' village, where I spent every possible moment of my childhood and youth. This is the only place where I feel at home: for friendships, atmosphere, landscapes, the most cherished memories, for its people and its places. I'm so in love with this wonderful little town and I would be pleased to share all its beauty with new friends.

Preone: traditions, fairy tales and words

The route does not go through places but through the words.

It will be possible to know Preone in an unusual way, discovering its traditions such as purcita or arc da nuvicia and testada (the arch for the bride and an auspicious letter) or the Carnival's testament.

You will learn that the inhabitants are called becs and that once, hidden on the roofs of the houses, there was an ogre. You will discover the importance of knowing the name of own family and also the nicknames that are attributed to the people.

The meeting will continue between sayings, nursery rhymes and traditional tales in which the charm of the narrative is intertwined with the one of the dialect words

An itinerary in the small village of Preone to enjoy its beauty in a different and aware look, enriched by the knowledge of its traditions.

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Preone and Vallo Alpino’s fortification

The proposed route starts from the town center to continue beyond the village in loc. Tas Vals.

Immediately after the last houses you meet a dirt road leading to the opera n.1 of the Vallo Alpino. This fortification was recently recovered and restored and can be visited.

The route continues through the woods crossing loc. Val Mangiot to reach the bridge over the river Tagliamento. Along the road it will possible to discover other scattered fortifications, hidden from the woods. The beautiful surrounding nature is a truly wonderful place for a stroll. The ring then crosses part of the village of Socchieve and, following back roads, reach the Preone bridge, from which you return to the village center.

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