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Hi. I'm Fides, I'm from a small village in Incarojo Valley. I adore my land; culture, history and tales, landscapes, hidden and well-known treasures. I also like to get by dishes and recipes, first of all cjalsons, sweet filled dumplings. It's a pleasure to hand on people what my land handed on me.

Breathtaking landscapes

Rivalpo – Cabia (Arta Terme) easy two hours trip, an old  side trail of Via Julia Augusta, that led to high pasture lands and to Austria. Wonderful wiews at Mount Sernio and Mount Palasecje.

Starting from Rivalpo village you walk along a narrow road and you meet woods, brooks, ravins,  a ruined mill. At last you arrive in Cabia village, renown for its spirits distillery.

Trip: 2 ours

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Traces of ancient history at Cjaserualis

A big natural anphitheatre, 1250 m a.s.l., time ago a large meadow now thoroughly colonized  by wood.  Magnificent wiew over the But Valley and to Mount Sernio. You can see an ancient settlement of unknow origin, with fifteen ruins of stone huts, some fields and graves. “Pagans” lived there, a tribe of non- christian people who adored a gold goat.

Time: three hours

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Mill and “Clap dai cognons”

You  follow an ancient trail to a couple of  Shrines in the area.

From the village of Valle you go down along a path in the wood and you get to an impetuous brook and an ancient mill. In the surroundings on a slope there is a big stone with hundreds of names engraved on it.

Trip: 2 ours

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Three hours into the woods

Lovea – Plan di Lunges:  easy stroll with a wonderful wiew at  Mount Tersadia with many villages high on the slopes. Walking along a very ancient trail we will meet a wood with tall straight beeches, brooks, waterfalls, meadows and old sheds and Mount Sernio and Amariana in the distance.

Trip: 3 ours

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The two twin villages

Visiting the two “Twin villages” about 900 m a.s.l., one of the highest in Carnia, pretty close one from the other, you will see many houses of local architecture, “cjases cui volts” and the ancient S. Martino churche which dates back to the 13th century.  

Two hours time.

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In kitchen with Fides

Cjalsons”is a typical dish from Carnia, a kind of sweet filled dumplings. You can try to prepare it at Fides' home,  following her method with special  ingredients.  When you'll taste them you'll understand it's really worth!!

Time: Three hours.  

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