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Hi, I'm Marina and I was born in Udine but I have always attended Carnia, first with my father I spent the summer holidays in the Paularo area, then with my husband I visited all the open shelters, and finally alone, for work, I spent more or less long periods in the area of Ampezzo, Moggio and Chiusaforte.


For 9 years I have been settled in Zuglio, where I have an activity and live in an old house in Sezza. The Borgo di Sezza is very beautiful, sunny, well cared for by its inhabitants.


There is the possibility of staying overnight and taking beautiful walks, picking mushrooms, visiting a farm and the church of San Giacomo which houses some pictorial works by Grassi.One of the stages of the bike park Zoncolan passes through Sezza (route n ° 4) which connects Zuglio with Fusea and therefore the Curriedi plateau.