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Hello, I’m Leandro. I live in Arta Terme and mountains are my passion. I’m pleased to meet new friends, share my knowledge and get to know and discover the beautiful places of Carnia. In my view one of the Carnia’s most beautiful sights is near the Austrian border

Pal Piccolo, from Mt. Croce Carnico Pass

The route develops across Mt. Croce Carnico Pass, a very important and strategic passage for its northbound connections since the Roman Empire.

It comes as no surprise that the nearby mountains are literally "punctured" by galleries, walkways and slits. They are also crossed by trenches and many other war works destined to the defense of this strategic cross

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The Attila’s cave

The Attila’s cave: Above Cason di Lanza, near Paularo, on the trail that bring to the namesake pass, at the Austrian border towards Ratterndorf, you get in the Attila’s cave. It’s a small fissure that the creek had excavated in the rock during the centuries. The legend say that…

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Not only Timau’s lakes

Not only Timau’s lakes: outside from the wood it’s possible admire fantastic sceneries: Freikofel, Pal Grande, Creta di Timau and Gamspitz and also historic and military trails.

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Places of history

Places of history, traditions and culture: magnificent place near Austrian border, between “casere” and World War’s fortifications, at 1800 m of altitude, passing across Casera Collinetta di Sotto’s meadows. Gorgeous sights between history and landscape, with breathtaking views.

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