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Hi, I’m Teresa. I live in Pesariis, near Prato Carnico: important village for its characteristic productions of clocks. There are a lot of interesting and magnificent places to visit, and I will go with you. I’d like you to meet some inhabitants who can tell you many histories connected with our land.


A day trip to Pesariis

My country and my valley are a mine of natural beauty and cultural richness that I would make you appreciate even through my eyes . I also know many villagers who have a lot of stories to tell , which is why I propose the direct encounter with some of them who narreranno you directly stories tied to our land

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Yesterday and today’s farms

Even now there are some farms (for example: Stavoli in Orias and Selva) that practice livestock and cheese-making, producing high quality products. Orias-Truia (03-8-2014) orias 07 orias 06 orias 05 orias 04 orias 03 orias 02 orias 01 Solari Amanzio_Prato Carnico it 2e Solari Amanzio_Prato Carnico it 2d Solari Amanzio_Prato Carnico it 2c Solari Amanzio_Prato Carnico it 2b Solari Amanzio_Prato Carnico it 2a Pesariis dalla cima del M.Talm (7-7-2011)