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Carnia Greeters relies exclusively on voluntary work. Individual Greeters are available for pure passion and the whole project lies outside commercial interests.


Moving beyond the traditional tourist routes we offer to travelers that pass and will pass on our beautiful land unique experiences. To make the most of our purpose we need all possible support; if you find this project interesting and useful, you can help us and support us with a small donation, even symbolic.


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Walk with lanterns

Experience the magic of the night in a small alpine village, the narrow streets, the shadows of the houses, the heat of the light that comes from the lanterns, and from the fires inside the lit paths. Listen to the fairy tales, stories and legends that the locals are telling.

Fairy tales, myths and legends: you are in Arta Terme !!

Meeting place: Piazzetta ex Salon at Piano d'Art at 17.00

Difficulty: easy

Duration: 2 hours

Participants: minimum 2 maximum eight per group

Days 29/12 and 14/01 and 23/02

Cost: 10 Euro per person 1 Euro for children accompanied by parents

Info: info@carniagreeters