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Hello, I’m Omar; I live in Enemonzo, I’m 42 years old and Carnia, with its unique sights and mountains, is my passion. I’m available to get to know my knowledge and my experiences

Valley of Pani

Valle di Pani: is one of the Carnia’s most beautiful places with meadows, forests and Mount Coladôr as background, frequented by the shepherds at the time

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See you the Clap Forat??

Clap Forât and Spisulon Waterfall: near Piana di Enemonzo is situated Clap Forât: small natural sanctuary. Beyond this refuge, bringing a path, you arrive at the Spisulon Waterfall

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The Attila’s cave

The Attila’s cave: Above Cason di Lanza, near Paularo, on the trail that bring to the namesake pass, at the Austrian border towards Ratterndorf, you get in the Attila’s cave. It’s a small fissure that the creek had excavated in the rock during the centuries. The legend say that…

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