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Hi, I’m Gino and I live in Carnia. I’m Carnia’s historic and natural beauty enthusiast. I like to meet new friends and share my experiences and my passions. 

Rinch’s Hamlet

Rinch’s Hamlet: beyond a path, that run along Chiarsò torrent until Stavoli Ravit, you start climbing to reach Rinch’s Hamlet; thanks to this hike you can discover how people lived in this hamlets.

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Towers of Lander

Torrioni del Lander: starting from Rifugio Randice (900 m a.s.l.), across an easy path into a beeches wood, you arrive at  Bivacco dei Lander (1190 m a.s.l.) that will always be open and unattended.

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Monte Cucco’s Top:

Monte Cucco’s Top: this place of heart is situated on 1800 m of altitude and here you can admire a breathtaking views.

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The Dimon lake

Lago Dimon: the long way up from Ligosullo brings to the Dimon Lake (1852 m a.s.l.): a peaceful, silent and charming place.

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Monte Festa

Monte Festa: an important element of this mountains in the military fortification; to reach it you must take a trail into wood and climb up to the top of the Mount Festa (1065 m a.s.l.) where is situated military posts and a small barracks.

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